The Association of Counselling Psychologists provides open access to a number of resources which may be of interest to members of the public, the profession of psychology, and wider mental health care practitioners in the community. If you are a current ACP member looking to access our members-only resources then please use the login widget to right and visit the members-only resource page.

The ACP Referral Booklet

ACP_booklet_2012The ACP have produced a high quality referral booklet for use by GPs and other referral bodies. This small booklet contains one-page summaries of practitioners with recognised trainingĀ or expertise in Counselling Psychology, listing qualifications, contact details, and a brief bio about the way each practitioner works. Indexes at the back of the booklet let you quickly reference local practitioners with a special interest in specific problem areas, or find one of our members in a particular region. The current 2016 edition of our booklet lists ACP members in Western Australia, giving you a hard copy version of our Find an ACP Member page which is updated constantly and gives you access to a broad range of practitioners. If you would like a free copy of the ACP Referral Booklet mailed to you, please let us know on our contact page. You can also download a PDF version of our booklet on this page by clicking the image.

Journal Article: Counselling Psychology in Australia

AJCPIn 2008, an overview of the current status of the Counselling Psychology specialty was covered in the Australian Journal of Counselling Psychology. Editor of the journal Geoffrey Denham joined with Dr Ben Mullings and Associate Professor Jan Grant to write this detailed piece about the historical development and national standards for Counselling Psychology in Australia. The article shows the depth and breadth of training that prepares Counselling Psychologists in Australia for applied work in the field and the ability to conduct high quality research from the distinct philosophical vantage point of Counselling Psychology. This article is highly recommended for those who wish to learn more about Counselling Psychology and how it has developed in Australia. Click on the image if you would like to read the article.


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