Help Stop the Cuts to Psychological Treatment

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It is critical that we stand up for each other when times are tough, and a big part of that, is taking the time to let people talk things through.

The Alliance for Better Access is petitioning to change the Medicare system to allow those who need psychological treatment enough time to recover. To achieve that goal, we need to support each other, by telling more people about the fundamental problems with our mental health care system.

Can you help us spread the word by forwarding the link below to your colleagues and friends?

Let's try to make every person, in every place, right across Australia, aware of this important issue.

Thank you for standing with us on this issue. Every voice makes a difference!

One Response to "Help Stop the Cuts to Psychological Treatment"
  1. Margot Holden says:

    I am very grateful for the Commeonwealth’s ‘Better Access’ scheme and am somewhat dismayed to learn that it might be cut to 10 sessions.

    Ten sessions of psychological therapy are not sufficient for getting to the bottom of the trouble and then helping the client to recover. I would feel short-changed with so little and insufficient help in my own case. Ongoing treatment for at least 15 visits is far preferable – and useful – for recovery.

    Please reconsider this cut to such a valuable service.


    Margot Holden

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