Working with Eating Disorders (Dr Matt Ruggiero)

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The ACP is very pleased to share the first of our online professional development events. We hope to build a library of training for people to use for their own development and reflective practice. Our 'Online PD Library' will be accessible to all of our members, locally, across Australia, and internationally. If you are not currently one of our members you can join us right here.

The following online training event was presented by Dr Matt Ruggiero at Curtin University on Thursday 19 June 2014. Matt has kindly shared the presentation slides and a case study for your own reflection and work during the presentation. You can send an email to the presenter by clicking here.

The presenter
Matt is involved in a number of occupations and activities. He works as a private psychologist, clinical lead for ATAPS Fremantle, and lecturer in the Masters of Counselling Psychology at Curtin University. His areas of interest include attachment theory, self psychology, and mentalization-based therapy. When he is not wearing his therapist hat, Matt spends his time among other things writing and performing music with his band Hundred Acre Wood and spending quiet days in his garden.

The topic
Eating disorders (EDs) are notorious in psychotherapy circles. Promoting change can be slow, gruelling work and it is often difficult to retain ED clients long enough for them to complete therapy. Additionally, the cultural pull in Australia toward brief models of therapy can pressure therapists into a “race against time” in which the therapist must “do battle” with the tremendous ambivalence that ED clients can bring to therapy on an almost weekly basis. Herein lays the rub: ‘how can a therapist who has limited time and resources provide such a client with a lasting corrective therapeutic experience?’

The presentation
In this presentation, information will be provided on:

  • A neuropsychobiological framework for understanding ED psychopathology
  • Seven psychodynamic principles that therapists can use in their work with ED clients, regardless of the length or orientation of therapy
  • After the presentation, attendees will be given a number of case studies to discuss in small groups. Attendees will be encouraged to explore ways in which they might utilise the seven principles in their specific workplaces.

Before starting the video clip of the presentation, please make sure you download the overhead notes and the case study.

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  1. Catherine says:

    This is fantastic! Thank’s for setting up this page Ben. I hope all our members enjoy it! Thanks again to Matt for all work he put into this presentation.

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